We work with Acts 29 leaders to host and present training workshops that equip the church to minister to the unengaged in their own regions. Workshops offered include:

  • Evangelism in Hard Places
  • Discipleship in Hard Places
  • Understanding Addictions
  • Abuse and the Local Church
  • Women’s Ministry in Hard Places
  • Church in Forgotten Places
  • Developing Leaders in Hard Places
  • Multi-Ethnic Church Planting
  • Engaging Muslims with the Gospel


We provide ongoing one-to-one and cohort-based coaching and support to members of the Acts 29 family who are working in poor, rural, or underserved contexts.

We connect Acts 29 church planters who are working in rural communities and small towns with other seasoned practitioners doing ministry in a similar context to provide ongoing support and mentorship.

Assessment Support

Acts 29 applicants must walk through the Acts 29 assessment process. Individuals from poor and rural communities may need additional assessment support and advocacy as they work through the process. A dedicated Assessment Support Worker will provide ongoing coaching to ensure the applicant makes appropriate progress toward becoming a full member of Acts 29.