Do you desire your church body to feel connected to the work of church planting? Are you hopeful for your church to have an eternal impact beyond your four walls or even your city? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to invest your influence while also being influenced for good. Consider pursuing an Acts 29 Church-to-Church Partnership!

An Acts 29 Church-to-Church Partnership is a missional connection between Acts 29 churches located in different parts of the world.

These partnerships fulfill a variety of purposes in the life of the churches involved, as outlined below.

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Partners encourage one another

  • Develop ongoing relationships between partner churches 
  • Create opportunities to listen to and learn from each other
  • Regularly pray for one another


Partners meet each other’s needs 

  • Share talent, which includes making people and resources available to one another
  • Share treasures, which includes churches considering how they can give toward financial needs 


Partners work together on mission

  • Church partnerships involve the whole congregation as connections are made between leaders, small groups, and others within the church
  • Churches in partnership seek engagement through mission trips, internships, and other service opportunities


Benjamin & Emelie Clark – Gothenburg, Sweden

Jonathan & Lorena Templeton – Ponferrada, Spain

Javier & Silvia Pérez – Sabadell, Spain

Vlad & Oana Oara – Timisoara, Romania

Tiago & Melisa Bugalho – Ramada, Portugal

Charlie & Barbara Tatera – Wroclaw, Poland

Franco & Priscille Tartari – Azzano Decimo, Italy

Robbie & Lizzie Bellis – Louvain-la-neuve, Belgium

Alexander and Anna Reindll – Austria

Andi & Vilma Dina – Tirana, Albania


Emanuel & Lara Malinoski – Brazil 

Pierre & Heilym Caravallo – Colombia 

Esteban & Joy Rojas – Costa Rica 

Iglesia Bautista Palabra Viva – Cuba 

Claudio& Silvana Faundez – Ecuador 

Manuel & Andrea Valle – Guatemala 

Armando & Gaby Ortiz – Mexico

Freddy & Nuria Nava – Venezuela 

Facundo & Paola Luzardo – Uruguay 


1. Consider in which of the following regions you prefer to find a church to partner with:

  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Middle East, North Africa, South Asia
  • Africa

2. Complete the form below.

3. We will reach out to the point of contact to set up a phone or Zoom meeting to assist in connecting with the region you are interested in and work to make contact for a Church to Church connection.

4. If you have additional questions, email .