COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund Update and Photos

We praise God that we were able to raise $86,000 as a part of our COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund, far more than our original goal of $50,000. These donations came from nearly 180 unique donors (78 of which were churches) across 11 countries.

A large portion of the money was distributed to Acts 29 Rural Collective and Church in Hard Places apprentices and candidates, programs that provide theological and practical training to current and future church planters in some of the most difficult spiritual contexts in the world. The remaining money was distributed to four Acts 29 networks particularly hard hit by COVID-19. Network directors in Latin America, Europe, Brazil, and Emerging Regions are working to support Acts 29 member churches in their regions who are personally in need or are serving communities in need. In all, individuals in 19 countries received help due to your generosity.

Below, you will see some updates from stories and photos from some recipients.

In Brazil, through distributions made to five church planters, a total of 173 families were helped, mostly with food. These church plants are among fishing colonies, slums, and descendants of slaves. Many of these families live in a state of extreme poverty and have been experiencing food shortages.

In the Philippines, rice was bought and distributed (via carts pulled by water buffalo!) to isolated mountain-dwelling indigenous tribes on the island of Mindoro, a poverty-stricken area where an Acts 29 apprentice is hoping to plant a church.

In Liberia, bags of rice (enough for one or two weeks depending on family size) were distributed to 15 families, all of whom expressed immense gratitude.

In the Dominican Republic, food packages were created and distributed to 20 families living in the impoverished community of El Peje.

In South Africa, 30 families and seven local pastors (some who have lost income due to COVID-19) have been provided with food packages, care, and prayer. While many of these packages have been delivered to suffering believers, their unbelieving family members are hearing the gospel and seeing it in action.

Please enjoy a photo slideshow and video below of individuals around the world receiving help.