We are so excited that you have chosen to participate in Church Planting Sunday on April 24, 2022.

For this annual event, we are simply asking that you take 5-10 minutes to inform your church attendees and members about the importance of church planting and the planting ministry they are already participating in because they attend an Acts 29 church. 

We want to equip you to make this time during your Sunday service as effortless and seamless as possible!

To that end, we’re providing the resources below for your use:

Please email partnerships@acts29.com if you have any questions along the way.


We are offering four videos for this year’s Church Planting Sunday. To download videos from Vimeo in advance, you must first log into Vimeo. If you do not have an account, you can quickly set up a free account here. Open each video and scroll down below the video and title.  You will see a download button. We suggest downloading videos in HD 1080p or the original format.

The Beauty of Church Planting (3:41)

Available with subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and French

Redemption City Church // Baltimore, MD (5:30)

Adulam Church // Timisoara, Romania (9:51)

Available with subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and French

This is Acts 29 (2:09)

Available with subtitles in English, Spanish, Italian, German, and French


Available in multiple languages by clicking the language name below!

EnglishSpanish | Portuguese | French | Italian | German


Print the image below to point people to the English version of the digital brochure.


Option 1:

Option 2:


Click here to view Church Planting Sunday talking points and Acts 29 boilerplate language.







Use either of the below images to promote Church Planting Sunday on your social media channels!

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The above banner is available to print as a retractable pull-up banner in two sizes. We recommend printing with a company like Radiant.

Click here to download a printable 33.5×80 file.  Click here to download a printable 36×80 file.

Every quarter, Acts 29 church leaders and attendees come together to pray with brothers and sisters around the world at our Global Prayer Meeting. In this meeting, pastors and leaders of Acts 29 churches around the globe pray about current global events, hear from our network leaders in order to pray specifically for our global community of churches, and pray for other pastors and churches specifically by name.

Our next Global Prayer meeting is on April 27 and we encourage you to announce this to your church on Church Planting Sunday! Attendees must register in advance by visiting a29.co/GP-APR22.