The goal of Acts 29’s Emerging Regions Network is to develop networks of church planting churches in regions throughout Africa and Asia, places where Acts 29 has a small or non-existent presence. It is a unique privilege to be a part of seeing our family grow in this way. As we grow, our hope is to continue to connect existing Acts 29 churches across the globe for mutual encouragement, collaborative planting and ministry opportunities, as well as to mobilize church-planting endeavors in places with little to no gospel presence through the sending of planters and training of local pastors. As localized regional networks are formed throughout Africa and Asia, more pastors can be trained, assessed, coached, and supported so that church-planting multiplies.

New pastors are being trained throughout India, the Middle East, and in the rural areas of Burkina Faso.

As of today, there are 12 Acts 29 member churches, as well as 9 candidate churches, representing 12 different countries. The cultural contexts in which these churches are located in are wide and varied. Some churches are preaching the gospel to men and women who have fully bought in to the prosperity “gospel.”. Others preach the gospel at great risk to their own safety in cultures that are openly hostile to Christianity. Churches are being planted in brick kilns in Pakistan, factory worker compounds in Vietnam, and in the highly-educated upper middle class of Lagos, Nigeria. New pastors are being identified and trained by Acts 29 members throughout India, the Middle East, and in the rural areas of Burkina Faso where they also learn how to farm and care for livestock. In Southeast Asia, Acts 29 churches are being planted amongst people who have never before heard the gospel, while their needs are being met through water projects and reading lessons.

Over the past year, the membership of Acts 29 Emerging Regions has almost doubled and the potential for growth this year is enormous. There are currently 8 men waiting for assessment interviews, and we maintain around 60 applicants at any point in time. However, I believe that there is so much more ahead of us as a Network and as a global family. And, I believe that the very best of what is ahead will come through the investment in and commitment of Acts 29 churches to planting churches in these places. Many of you have already been investing in church planting in Africa and Asia. To you and your churches, I want to say, “Press on!” Your commitment to sending people to and resourcing church planting efforts across the globe is making a difference. To those of you who have a heart for the nations but don’t know where to start, email me. We can loop you in on partnership opportunities with local churches.

Over the past year Emerging Regions membership has almost doubled – potential for growth this year is enormous!

Over the next few weeks, you will be introduced to some of these churches via this blog. You will be hearing from pastors in Nigeria, Malawi, India, and Japan. I love these men and I am inspired by their love for Jesus and his Bride. I think you will be too. I am eager to see the mutual encouragement, sacrificial resourcing, and collaborative endeavors that take place as our global family becomes even more global. Jesus is building his Church and the gates of hell don’t stand a chance. I am glad to serve him alongside each of you as his Gospel is bearing fruit and growing around the globe.

Will Bostian
Written by: Will Bostian on January 19, 2017

Will is the pastor of church planting at the Austin Stone Community Church and the Associate Director of the Emerging Regions Network. He and his wife Natalie live in Austin, Texas, and are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a unique, global Kingdom work of church planting domestically and internationally.