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Acts 29 US West exists to multiply church planting churches across twelve Western States, where 75 million people live. The west has a storied history of immigration, cultural diversity, and frontier settlement. Though native Americans have lived in this area for thousands of years, the population has continually grown for the past 150 years both through immigration and resettlement.

Acts 29 US West exists to multiply church planting churches across 12 Western States, where 75 million people live.

Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Canada, and Mexico, the western US is shaped by a variety of ethnic groups. In Hawaii, Asian Americans outnumber White American residents, while other western states are seeing the population of Hispanic Americans soar.

The western United States is geographically vast. Large cities are often separated by hundreds of miles of desert, mountains or farmland. Acts 29 US West Network includes San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Denver. Between these cities lie hundreds of miles of undeveloped land and rural areas, resulting in churches being planted in both cities and small towns. For example, Kris Brosset is planting in the urban context of Los Angeles, an area notorious for gang activity. Brad Borowski, on the other hand, is planting in Winnemucca, a small mining town in the middle of Nevada.

The western US is largely unchurched; in many cities within our Network, fewer than 10% (and at times, 5%) of the population claim to be Christian. We believe that thousands of churches are needed in these twelve states to proclaim the gospel, and our Network wants to be part of that.

Acts 29 US West is subdivided into 20 different areas that combine for a total of nearly 100 churches – a number that is steadily growing as more churches are planted. Each area is led by an Acts 29 pastor who strategizes and mobilizes church planting within the area.

The western US is largely unchurched; in many cities fewer than 10% of the population claim to be Christian.

As we dig deeper and reach wider, we’re excited about a number of things in our Network right now. These things include us together funding 17 church planters within our Network. Across the western United States, we continue to partner together to plant churches locally. We are also excited about our growing partnership with Acts 29 Europe. In March, twelve pastors from the US West Network will attend the Acts 29 Europe Conference in the UK to continue to build global partnerships. In doing this, we are together actively involved in multiplying churches across cities and towns that desperately need the gospel, locally and abroad.

Over the next few weeks we’ll introduce you to four of our church planters, and give you insight into the work they are doing in their areas. You’ll hear stories from Kris Brosset with Refuge Church in inner-city Los Angeles, Dane Tokushige with Victory Aiea, in Aiea, Hawaii, Brad Borowski with D3 Church in Winnemucca, Nevada, and Rick Reeves with Gospel Community Church in Eugene, Oregon.

Brian Howard
Written by: Brian Howard on March 3, 2017

Brian Howard has over 20 years of proven leadership experience as a leadership coach, non-profit executive, church planter, lead pastor, and business owner. Brian holds a Master’s degree from Talbot School of Theology, has been married for 21 years to the love of his life, and has four children.