How does my gift support church planting?

Investing in Acts 29 funds these initiatives:

Global Church Planting

Acts 29 is a global community of healthy, multiplying churches. Partner with us as we launch new networks all over the world, in places like India, Malawi, Canada, and Brazil.

Assessment for Church Planters

Planting a church is a challenging but rewarding task, and requires a true calling. Our assessment process helps potential planters and interested churches explore a future in church planting and sets them up on a successful, stage-appropriate track to grow and thrive.

Theological Training

Church planting is driven and shaped by good theology. We’ve developed and tested training resources to help our pastors walk through difficult situations and complex ethical dilemmas in today’s world.


No Acts 29 church is on its own. Our churches are part of a growing community, connected through both local and global partners in church planting all over the world.


The health and well-being of the church leader, his wife and, family are crucial for a successful church plant. We offer various services to our pastors and their wives so they feel connected to others in their area for partnership, guidance, and mentorship they can depend on.

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