What’s it like to plant a church in the town you grew up in? Tim Kimberley moved away from his hometown after high school and spent 20 years living in larger cities. He felt it was impossible to come back home and serve in ministry. But the Holy Spirit began working on his heart, and he soon realized, “God does big things in small places, too.”

Listen below to hear David Pinckney and Tim Kimberley discuss the advantages of church planting in your hometown.

Tim Kimberley
Written by: Tim Kimberley on August 16, 2023

Tim lives surrounded by corn fields in rural central Iowa with his three kids. Tim was fortunate to be married to his best friend Patty for 18 years. Patty is now with Jesus basking in his glorious presence. Tim was part of planting Sacred Mission Church in 2019 and is grateful to be placed in one of Jesus’s local churches. Tim is trying to be healthy through the hobbies of cycling and hunting but enjoys reading, so he spends a lot of time sitting down.