Be Known for Holiness and Humility. 

If you ask about the Acts 29 Network you will get answers that range from how the network will save evangelicalism to how it will be the downfall of western civilization. It’s been my experience that this is true about most organizations. Organizations are either rejoiced in or criticized. I don’t know of any organization that is universally praised and only a few that are universally condemned.

As I have traveled and been asked questions about Acts 29, most people are encouraged by what the Lord is doing through the men and the churches they lead, but there are those who would consider some of us to be juveniles or a harsh type of theology police. The thing about these perceptions is that although there have definitely been situations and circumstances that I wish some of our guys (including me) would have been more mature about and some situations I wished we had handled differently, my knowledge of the network as a whole is that it is filled with some of the most godly, sacrificial, mature men in the world: men who would gladly lay down any and all of their liberties if it would serve the cause of Christ in greater ways, men who don’t seek conflict but aren’t afraid of it, and men who treasure Christ and the gospel above all.

“…my deep and abiding hope is that … we are men who deeply and desperately love the Kingdom of God and are walking in holiness and humility.”

For every story of one of our guys handling what we believe to be biblically correct in a way that isn’t winsome or gracious or waving the flag of personal liberties instead of the gospel I can point you to dozens and dozens who love Jesus deeply and are quietly training, coaching, and planting churches that will train, coach, and plant churches. We will continue to have our flaws and blind spots like all networks do, but my deep and abiding hope is that regardless of what is said of us — even by our enemies — it will have to be said that we are men who deeply and desperately love the Kingdom of God and are walking in holiness and humility. I’ll invite you to join me in praying this way.

Christ is All,


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Matt Chandler By Matt Chandler May 21, 2012