More and Better Churches

By: Justin Anderson

Good morning, let me start by introducing myself in case we haven’t met. My name is Justin Anderson, and I serve Acts 29 as the Vice President of US Churches. I’ve been in this role for six months and have been on staff with the network for almost a year and a half.

My roots with the network go deep. I planted my first Acts 29 church in 2004 in Tempe, Arizona. Then planted again in San Francisco in 2012 and again in Seattle in 2019. I love Acts 29 and feel privileged to serve you guys in my current capacity.

Our mission as a network is to “Plant Churches Worldwide.” To do this well, we need a strategy, someone to execute that strategy, and churches like yours to run it effectively. That’s where I come in, and it’s why I’m announcing a new project I’ve been working on. It’s a series of emails (starting soon!) focused on coaching and training. Each email will include both written and video content and be aimed toward a specific topic. So, look for me regularly in your inbox as we pilot this project.

Why do this? I believe to be an effective church planting network, we first need to be effective churches. Effective churches reach their cities, disciple people to maturity, and raise up leaders for ministry. We want to help you do this well and come alongside you to see both more and better churches as we catalyze a church-planting movement.

We want to encourage, inspire, and practically train you to lead your church into maximal effectiveness. We want to see your evangelism efforts reach as many people as possible. We want to see your discipleship processes full of people who want to grow in their faith. We want to see your leadership development pipelines full of young men who can become church planters and young women who can be valuable core team members.

This is why we’re taking a systematic approach to coaching and training. I’m excited to pilot this project and hope it benefits you. The more effective our churches are, the more churches we can plant—and we still believe that church planting is the most effective means to reach non-Christians in our cities. So, let’s get after it.