Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor at the Acts 29 North America Conference 2022.

We look forward to hosting more than 1,000 attendees in Denver, Colorado October 3-5, 2022. In addition to the teaching, worship, and fellowship of the conference, we hope to showcase like-minded ministries with products, resources, and experiences available to aid those in church-planting.



We are very excited to have 10 of Those hosting the bookstore at NAC 2022. If you are a publisher interested in having your books sold at our event, please reach out to the Acts 29 Sponsorship Coordinator Stephanie Osborne via email for additional information. Please note that all publishers must apply to be an “Exhibitor” level sponsor, at a minimum. The online bookstore for the event can be found here.


Beyond this event, we are eager to partner with like-minded ministries and organizations dedicated to multiplying healthy churches and raising up and training pastors to lead them. If you are interested in learning more or pursuing a longer-term partnership with us, please reach out to us at partnerships@acts29.com or 949-421-6701. Our Partnership Team would love to connect with you.