Acts 29 is a family of church-planting churches that stands in the tradition of historic evangelical confessionalism. While we believe it is vital that the elders of each of our local churches determine where they stand on open hand issues, we do wish to make known our convictions on five distinctive theological foundations. These are listed below.

  1. We are passionate about gospel centrality.
  2. We enthusiastically embrace the sovereignty of God’s grace in saving sinners.
  3. We recognize and rest upon the necessity of the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit for all of life and ministry.
  4. We are deeply committed to the fundamental spiritual and moral equality of male and female and to men as responsible servant-leaders in both home and church.
  5. We embrace a missionary understanding of the local church and its role as the primary means by which God chooses to establish his kingdom on earth.

Acts 29 will ensure that we are known for:

  1. Church-planting churches
  2. Holiness and humility
  3. A diverse and global community
  4. Praying for conversions through evangelism

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