Speaker: Acts 29

Acts 29’s Rural Collective is focused on churches planting rural churches.


A “rural” community is commonly known as an isolated, forgotten, and small place. It is defined by geographic, demographic and socio-economic realities. Rural areas are often overlooked when it comes to resourcing, training, support, and mobilization. Yet, almost half of the world’s population still live in a rural context.

Through the Rural Collective we will:

  • Promote the theological and missiological rationale for rural church planting through Acts 29 Network leaders, the broader Acts 29 family and within the wide evangelical community.
  • Recruit within Acts 29 churches and on Bible college and seminary campuses for the purpose of rural church planting.
  • Develop a network of cohorts focused on strategies for rural planting.
  • Coach regional Network representatives who are devoted to advancing rural planting in their region. We will assist these Network representatives in creating coaching teams for any rural planter in their area Network.
  • Resource rural planters by creating communities for support, context-specific content, and conduits for funding.

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Acts 29 By Acts 29 October 16, 2018