Network: North America

Series: Regional | West US May 2015

Speaker: Ryan Kwon

On May 5-6 2015 church leaders gathered at Living Stones, Reno for an Acts 29 West conference on the topic of Healthy Churches.


Ryan Kwon is originally from Los Angeles. He moved to the Bay Area to serve as a teaching pastor at a healthy local church in Fremont. There, he envisioned a Gospel centered church that would benefit the city physically, socially, and spiritually. He shared this vision and led a small group of people to birth a missional movement called Resonate. His passion for the Gospel and relevance of culture are evident in his teaching. Ryan is a graduate of Talbot School of Theology. Ryan’s primary roles within Resonate are preaching, vision, and strategy.

Acts 29 By Acts 29 May 5, 2015