Network: North America

Series: Regional | West US May 2015

Speaker: Jim Cofield, Rich Plass

On May 5-6 2015 church leaders gathered at Living Stones, Reno for an Acts 29 West conference on the topic of Healthy Churches.


Rich Plass began his education at Northwest College in Orange City, Iowa, before attending Gordon-Conwell Seminary. After serving as both a youth pastor and pastor in Iowa, he planted Peace Church in Frankfort, IL. In 1995 Rich left 25 years of pastoral ministry to pursue a doctorate degree in counseling. He is the founder of Crosspoint Ministry, which is focused on helping leaders thrive, not just survive, in the challenges of ministry.

Jim Cofield graduated from Tennessee Temple University before teaching in the communications department there. He also earned a Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary and taught Greek there for three years. In the mid ’80s Jim left teaching to plant a church in southern Virginia. After nine years he accepted the senior pastor position at a church in the Chicago area where he served eight years before joining CrossPoint.

Acts 29 By Acts 29 May 5, 2015