Spotlight on Emerging Regions Network

The Acts 29 Emerging Regions network exists to support churches and send new church planters throughout Africa, the Middle East, and Asia for the glory of Jesus Christ. In many of these places, the number of Christians is few and religious persecution is severe. Churches and their leaders often lack resources to fund their work, and they’re regularly met with opposition.

Acts 29 seeks to support these planters ministering in one of the most unreached regions in the world. This includes meeting tangible needs, connecting pastors together, preaching the true gospel, training up new leaders, and so much more. 

Here are some recent examples of the exciting things happening in this area:

  • An Acts 29 planter in Nepal and the members of his church are struggling under the economic fallout caused by Covid-19. Financial support was provided to help the church pay rent and meet essential needs in the church and community.
  • A Rwandan planter wanted to start a tomato business to cover the costs of planting a new church. Acts 29 provided startup funds to get that business up and running.
  • Pastor training and assessments continue to be an ongoing form of ministry, with an event just completed in Gulu, Uganda.
  • Acts 29 churches in the Middle East are sending out pastors to plant new churches and missionaries to join existing Acts 29 church plants in places like Kuwait and Mumbai.
  • Acts 29 networks don’t operate in silos. Cross-collaboration continues with the Australia, New Zealand, and Japan network, as they partner to host a small gathering of church leaders in the Philippines this fall.

A quick look at Emerging Regions:

  • Emerging Regions currently has 24 member churches and 9 candidate churches.
  • Support: The network aims to come alongside churches typically isolated across this wide geographic area to assess, coach, train, support, and connect them with a larger body of gospel-centered Acts 29 churches. 
  • Diversity: Some churches proclaim the gospel in countries open to biblical teaching while others do so in settings hostile to Christ. Some plant in heavily-populated urban areas and others in remote villages. Some preach to unreached populations, some to weary, persecuted believers, and others to those following the prosperity gospel.
  • Covid-19 Impact: Most churches in Emerging Regions continue to face the direct impacts of Covid-19 including ongoing sickness in the community, economic loss, and restrictions on gatherings. 
Emerging Regions Baptism IMage

Your generosity makes this challenging yet worthy work possible!