The Exodus of Pastors

Acts 29 Provides Essential Care to Burned Out Pastors

God’s plan for gospel advancement is the local church. But many churches struggle as a growing number of pastors abandon their pulpits for less demanding ministry opportunities. A recent Barna Group survey suggests, “With pastors’ well-being on the line, and many on the brink of burnout, 38 percent indicate they have considered quitting full-time ministry within the past year.”

Local churches need healthy leaders to advance the gospel in their communities. But the relentless challenges of the last few years have wearied pastors and planters. This burnout crisis puts churches at risk of losing missional momentum. Or worse, retreat. 

Supporting pastors has never been more urgent. That’s why Acts 29 provides essential care to pastors and church leaders to bolster their ministry effectiveness and longevity, ultimately reaching more people with the gospel. 

Acts 29 equips church leaders to strengthen their church’s mission. Our care team surrounds pastors during hard times, encouraging them to continue serving and impacting their congregations and communities for years to come. Through contextual support, counseling resources, monthly calls, and Areas and Cohorts, Acts 29 empowers pastors and ministry leaders to advance the church.

"Since the pandemic began two years ago, I have seen more pastors and leaders take either planned or forced sabbaticals than at any time in my ministry."

Dr. Dwayne BondActs 29’s Director of Pastoral Care

To learn more about pastoral care initiatives, listen to this recent episode featuring Acts 29 pastor and director of pastoral care, Dwayne Bond, discussing pastor burnout and how Acts 29 is helping. 

Acts 29’s commitment to planting healthy, multiplying churches includes caring for pastors’ wives. The Wives Support team provides a safety net of care for every pastor’s wife in our US network, encouraging them to persevere in ministry. Read more here