An Unrivaled Assessment Process

Church planters need more than passion. They must be trained, godly, and ready to plant a healthy church in a healthy way. That’s why church-planting assessments are a crucial part of advancing the church. During an assessment, planters are evaluated and advised on their preaching, pastoring, and strategic planning. Their wives participate in the sessions and also in conversations with female assessors concerning ministry expectations because planting is not a solo endeavor.

Pastors and their wives are grateful for the coaching, counseling, and care they receive during the assessment process. It’s possible to start a bunch of churches, but planting long-lasting churches that persevere through obstacles and hardships is more challenging, intentional work. Acts 29 takes the care of each of our pastors seriously, including preparing them to plant successfully.

There is no way to predict the future, but Acts 29’s trusted assessment process eliminates foreseeable obstacles that often hinder a church plant’s viability. This careful measure helps ensure that when you partner with Acts 29, you’re supporting well-equipped planters ready to advance the church in their communities. Through this process, resources aren’t squandered, but effectively and meaningfully deployed.

Acts 29 has completed 80 assessments this year. On average, 70% of planters who go through assessment will plant a church with Acts 29, and 97% of those churches will be healthy and sustainable.

By the end of 2022, Acts 29 expects to have assessed around another 20 new church planters, resulting in a total of more than 100 assessments for the year. Your ministry partnership with Acts 29 helps make this happen!

By the end of 2022, Acts 29 expects to have assessed approximately another 40 new church planters, with more assessment conferences to come in Brazil, Africa, the Middle East, and Orlando. This will result in nearly 120 assessments total this year. Your partnership with Acts 29 helps make this happen!

"Many who are sent out aren’t called or ready. I’m eternally grateful for the Acts 29 assessment process, which helps clarify calling and timing. My wife and I are better off for it. My church is better off, and I, personally, am better off for it!"

Kyllum LewisLead Planter and Pastor, Life Centre Church

This year, Acts 29 has served pastors through assessments in the United States, Colombia, Ecuador, Ireland, and many more places.