Network: North America

“This story is bigger than Bill, this is bigger than Redeemer Oakdale. This is a God story.”

Bill Kenoyer was an elder at Redeemer Modesto, happy in that community and his role there. But then God very clearly told Bill that it was time to leave to plant Redeemer Oakdale. Oakdale is a small, yet growing town that has experienced a number of church splits in the last 10 years. The team planting Redeemer Oakdale knows that they will have to face the ways this has burned Christians in their community, and God has given their church the opportunity to show the love of Christ and a new understanding of what the Gospel is to these hurting people.

We’re glad to be funding Redeemer Oakdale in 2019, and invite you to watch the below video to learn more about this new church!

Written by: Acts 29 US West on May 14, 2019