Acts 29 Europe VOX is a series of insightful conversations on topics related to the Europe we live in.

It is an opportunity to reflect, learn and grow in the understanding of our context and how we can and should be a voice that is relevant, bold and clear.

Part 1: Finding Our Voice

Finding Our Voice is a specific series of conversations considering a range of hot topics.
As church planters, we are observing the change in the context around us. Increasingly life seems to be drifting further and further from the truth of the Gospel. People are asking questions related to things like sin and judgement; sexuality and gender; race and class.
Is it possible in our time today to hold to a Biblical position, and still understand how to relate effectively to people around us?
We want to observe and understand the mindset around us and then deconstruct it in the light of the glorious Gospel.

Episode 1

Finding Our Voice: on Sin & Judgement

In episode 1 we will be examining the concepts of sin and judgement. In today’s society, people might be willing to embrace the idea of a God of love, grace and mercy. Terms such as sin and judgement are often pushed back against because people have a deformed idea of what these things mean. 

Philip Moore looks at how we explain the terms sin and judgement to someone with a secular worldview. He also shares his experience of how he would integrate this into a Sunday sermon.  

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