Planting a church is a challenging task. Acts 29 supports the local church as it identifies, raises up and sends out new church plants, helping them grow into healthy churches that go on to plant more churches. This process starts with assessment.

Through Assessment, Acts 29:

  • Helps potential planters explore a future in church planting.
  • Coaches and trains new church planters and leaders, setting them up for long-term success.
  • Partners with existing churches and facilitate further church planting.

In each of these categories, we have specific assessment tracks designed to engage with churches and planters at whatever stage they are at in church planting. 

The Benefits of Joining Acts 29


  • A network of local churches to partner with in planting churches, offering care, support, and camaraderie. 
  • Nearly 700 churches in approximately 50 countries and 30 languages that leaders can lean on for guidance, resources, and relationships. 
  • Access to online resources and forums, updated daily with valuable content, as well as Acts 29 events hosted all over the world. 


Coaching and Training

  • Individualized training opportunities for churches at all stages, including networking cohorts for church leaders.
  • A world-class church plant residency process
  • An annual conference, bi-annual pastors and wives retreat, bi-annual global gathering, and many other regional events.



  • Renewal for church leaders through prayer, local support, rest/sabbatical resources, and soul care opportunities.
  • Seasoned church leaders across the world ready to come alongside you.
  • A network of support, care, and camaraderie for pastor’s wives.


Is Acts 29 the right network for you?

  • You are looking for a place to belong while you plant a church—You don’t want to plant alone.
  • You are theologically and missiologically aligned with Acts 29.
  • You are globally minded and want to partner with a world-wide effort to plant churches that make Jesus known. 

If these statements apply to you, consider starting the application process.

Do you have more questions about our assessment process? Visit our FAQ here.