Why We Are Leaving Workplace: An FAQ

1. What is the reason we are closing down Workplace?

The reason we are leaving Workplace is because we want to be good stewards of our resources. Workplace costs us about $60K per year. Originally it was free! Workplace made a change and said we don’t qualify for the free nonprofit version. Since we are using it for collaboration among pastors and cohorts, we researched many different platforms and agreed that collaboration and community can happen for free on Facebook Groups.

2. What are we replacing Workplace with?

We are replacing Workplace with Facebook Groups. Workplace is owned by Facebook, and the look and feel will be the same.

3. Do I have to have a Facebook account to join an Acts 29 Facebook group?

Yes. If you do not have a Facebook account and would like to create a private account simply to access the Acts 29 groups, we can help you do this. Please email justin.roberts@acts29.com for help!

4. Are Facebook groups secure and private?

Yes, Acts 29 groups on Facebook will all be private. You will have to request to join the groups and must answer set questions to confirm your identity. Additionally, groups for pastor cohorts will be hidden, meaning you must be invited to the group to join.

5. What if I don't want to join an Acts 29 Facebook group but I want to stay on Workplace?

We are not going to force you to join any Facebook group. But we will be closing down our Workplace account, meaning access to Workplace will no longer be available.

6. Can anyone join or create new Acts 29 Facebook groups?

You must be invited or request to join a group. Once that happens, you have to answer set questions to be approved. All Acts 29 groups will be linked to our Acts 29 public Facebook page. If you have an idea for a group, that will need to be requested for approval.

7. Will Facebook groups offer all the same benefits I currently receive from participating on Workplace?

Yes. Everything you are currently able to do in Workplace will be able to take place in Facebook Groups. Collaboration, file sharing, Zoom meetings, and connection!

8. I don’t like Facebook and don’t want to create an account. Do I have to?

We will not force you to join Facebook or any of the Acts 29 Facebook groups. We are offering Facebook groups as our method of connection with other Acts 29 pastors, but you do not have to participate. That said, if you are concerned about privacy or have a personal commitment to not be on social media, it is possible to create a private Facebook account simply to access the Acts 29 groups, should you want to do that. Email justin.roberts@acts29.com if you need help doing this.