Acts 29 - A diverse, global family of church-planting churches

1. What does Acts 29 do in regards to planting churches?

Acts 29 is a diverse, global family of church-planting churches. We exist to resource and equip lead pastors, and potential lead pastors, of church-planting churches by Assessing, Coaching, Training and Supporting them.

Acts 29 does not plant churches ourselves rather supports those who are endeavoring to do so. This is done through a variety of means, from a rigorous & relational assessment process, a busy calendar of global events, opportunities for networking and other invaluable resources.

2. What if I am already affiliated to another denomination or organization?

Acts 29 is a family of church-planting churches with a single-issue: church planting, and does not seek to act as a denomination. We are therefore open to dual-affiliation but ask that you inform the other organization of a desire to join Acts 29.

3. Does Acts 29 offer financial support?

Acts 29 does not offer direct financial gifts or contributions to church plants and planters.  All our member churches do covenant to give financially to church planting, however this is managed at the church level rather than centrally.  As a result it is our hope that financial giving and support will happen through local level partnerships.

4. How can I engage my Church in Acts 29?

Lead pastors are assessed for membership as a representative of the whole church family. Churches are encouraged to engage with Acts 29 at regional training events, by praying for local and global needs, by partnering with other Acts 29 churches and by linking community groups together for particular planting opportunities.

5. How can I make contact with local Acts 29 Pastors and Members in my area?

Please visit the “find a church” section of the website to search for local Acts 29 churches and pastors. Or submit a form through the website requesting further information.

6. How do I join Acts 29?

A church joins Acts 29 through the assessment of the lead pastor. The pastor will work through the applicant and candidate phases of assessment before being welcomed as a member.

7. Will I be asked to enter into an agreement with Acts 29?

Before becoming a member, the elders of your church will need to agree to enter into a covenant with Acts 29.  Details of the covenant in your region can be found here.

8. Is it the Pastor or the Church that becomes a Member?

Acts 29 is a family of church planting churches. It is therefore the church and not the individual that becomes the member. This is done by assessing the pastor who then acts as the main point of contact between Acts 29 and the church.

9. What happens if the Lead Pastors leaves his post?

If an Acts 29 lead pastor is leaving to plant/lead another Acts 29 church or join the staff of an Acts 29 church his status as an Acts 29 Pastor remains unchanged.

If the lead pastor is leaving to lead an established church which is not an Acts 29 church, he will be allowed to remain in Acts 29 for 2 years with the view to lead the church into full membership.

If an Acts 29 lead pastor leaves, the church will remain a member for 2 years during which they are invited to put their replacement pastor through assessment. If the replacement pastor is an Acts 29 Pastor the status of the church will remain unchanged.

For more details please view here.

10. How do I know if I am gifted to plant a church?

If you are uncertain about whether to be involved in church planting, please take time to wrestle through this question within your local church. To aid you in this please listen to the following talks: Aspiring Church Planters. Acts 29 churches often provide church planting residencies, please contact your local Network Director for opportunities in your area.

11. What if I don’t see myself as a Lead Pastor?

We typically request the lead pastor to go through assessment, as they are primarily responsible for setting vision and culture within a church. There may be exceptions to this, please contact your Network Director to discuss this further. We sometimes assess a church planting team, which consists of a lead pastors and 1 or 2 other leaders.

12. How important are the theological distinctives?

Acts 29 is theological driven as we believe church planting to be a theologically driven initiate. Therefore, we ask that you not only agree with the theological distinctives, but actively embrace, teach and uphold them across your eldership and leadership team.

13. When should I apply?

If you have already planted your church or currently lead an established church, then you can apply at any time. If you are a first time planter, you need to be 12-18 months away from planting and in the process of putting together a core team. There needs to be clarity around the location of your plant and in most situations we would expect you to have relocated.

14. What experience do I need to apply with Acts 29?

We ask that pastors applying to be assessed are over the age of 25 and have a minimum of 3 years ministry experience.

15. What do I need to have done before I begin the assessment process?

Networking. Engagement in your local and regional network is essential before beginning the process. This can be done by attending local training events and getting to know local pastors.

Eldership. The wider eldership of your church need to be in agreement with the Covenant you plan to sign with Acts 29.

16. How much does assessment cost?

Acts 29 is serious about maintaining and investing in high quality assessment that brings significant added value to those who undergo the process. As such, Acts 29 does charge for assessment to cover these costs. The cost of assessment varies from network to network, please contact your Network Director for more details.

If the cost of assessment is prohibitive for you, please contact your Network Director about their bursary schemes.

17. What if I don’t have good Internet access?

Please contact your Network Director for a paper copy of the assessment process.

18. Who will oversee my assessment?

Each network has an Assessment Coordinator who will walk you through the process and answer any further questions that you have. 

19. How long will it take?

From Initial Application to Membership can take anywhere between 3 to 18 months. We suggest you set aside 10-20 hours to complete the process over a period of several months.

20. How is sensitive information protected?

Only Acts 29 Assessment staff and your assessor team will have access to your personal information. In light of the sensitive nature of the information provided, special measures are taken to ensure it is treated confidentially. All digital data storage is password protected, hard copies are always shredded after use and the application website is SSL Certified meaning all content is protected. 

21. I started the wrong course, what should I do?

Please contact your Network Assessment Coordinator.

22. What if the assessment process if not in my native language?

As a diverse, global family we recognize that as yet our language capability is very narrow. As networks develop one of our key priorities is to translate the process into different languages. This is a slow and delicate endeavor. Language options are available and we will do out best to accommodate your needs. Please contact your Network Director to talk this through further.

23. I want to plant in a country where I am not yet residing; what network should I be assessed through?

Please apply to be assessed through the network you are planning to plant in. We have a specific cross-cultural assessment for those endeavoring to plant into a new cultural context.  Please contact your Network Director for more details.

24. What happens at an Assessment Conference?

The applicant and, if married, their wife are invited to attend a 2 day assessment conference which consists of a program of assessment tasks, formal interviews and informal social time. For more information please view this page.

25. Does all my eldership team need to agree to the Covenant?

Yes. You are being assessed on behalf your church. The Covenant is an agreement between Acts 29 and your church. If anyone on your eldership team can not uphold the terms of the covenant or has any questions about it, please contact your local Network Director.

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