Acts 29 exists to plant churches worldwide. We’re zealous to make disciples of Jesus in all places among all nations. One area the kingdom is advancing is Costa Rica. This Central American country, known for its beautiful beaches, rainforests, and volcanoes, is home to many people who don’t know Jesus. But one church is changing that.

Grace and Truth Church—the first Acts 29 church in Costa Rica—is boldly proclaiming the gospel, and people are hearing and responding in faith. Pastor Esteban Rojas recently shared a few ways this church is eternally impacting the people of Costa Rica. Here are 10 reasons we’re excited about church planting in Costa Rica!

1. Children Are Discipled

Grace and Truth Church launched a children’s ministry after carefully training teachers. They currently have five volunteer leaders serving 15 children, helping to shape them by God’s Word.As these women grow in biblical literacy, they're becoming courageous disciple-makers. Click Para Twittear

2. Teens Are Developed

They started a monthly youth meeting and are also equipping a young man named Juan Carlos, who aspires to pastoral ministry. Hopefully, more young adults will be captured by a vision to serve and lead churches in Costa Rica.

3. Multiculturalism Is Celebrated

The church celebrates their multiculturalism and thanks God for bringing people from El Salvador, Honduras, Chile, Nicaragua, and Colombia to join them on mission for their city.

4. Women Study the Bible

The women’s ministry continues to grow, and they have 17 sisters regularly meeting to study the Bible. As these women grow in biblical literacy, they’re becoming courageous disciple-makers.

5. New Believers Are Baptized

As the gospel is declared and displayed by the saints of Grace and Truth Church, more people give their lives to Christ. In 2022, they baptized 13 new believers! Check out this video.

6. New Members Are Joining the Mission

In 2022, 30 new members were welcomed into Grace and Truth Church, and another 15 new candidates are attending an upcoming membership class. They are eager to reach their community with the hope of the gospel.We’re excited for each new church planted and for each new disciple made. May we continue to grow in zeal for our mission to reach the nations for God’s glory. Click Para Twittear

7. Church Leaders Are Trained

They are developing several people who will be future deacons and church leaders, helping to serve the body and equip them for ministry. This is essential for the growing church to be effective in mission.

8. More People Hear the Word Preached

Each Sunday, about 65 people are being discipled in the Word. This is great, even as they outgrow their meeting space. The church is grateful for the opportunities they have to proclaim the gospel and hopes their impact will continue to increase.

9. Local Collaboration Is Happening

They organized a conference for young people, which more than 80 people from different churches attended. They’re building a network of healthy youth groups from different churches. 

10. Church Planting Is Prioritized

In February, they held a church-planting conference in conjunction with Acts 29, with more than 100 people attending. This event focused on healthy church planting. Their goal is to catalyze a movement of healthy churches planted across Costa Rica. Representatives came from 34 different churches in the country, all ambitious to work together to plant more churches in Costa Rica.

As we partner together to plant churches worldwide, would you pray for Grace and Truth Church in Costa Rica? Here are three specific requests:

  • Pray for their ministries to be successful in reaching their community for Christ.
  • Pray for more leaders to be developed to help grow and lead the church.
  • Pray for a bigger, more accessible meeting place to accommodate this growing church.

Acts 29 partners with churches like Grace and Truth Church in Costa Rica all over the world so more people can know and worship King Jesus. We’re excited for each new church planted and for each new disciple made. May we continue to grow in zeal for our mission to reach the nations for God’s glory.

Written by: on marzo 22, 2023