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It is with a certain amount of joy and godly satisfaction that we describe Acts 29 as a diverse, global family of church-planting churches. At the start of his tenure as President in 2012, Matt laid out his 4 hopes for Acts 29. These are now enshrined as our values and what we want to be known for. One of those concerns being a “radically diverse and global community”. Although this is critical to who and what we are, it cannot be taken for granted and requires targeted investment. That is why I am delighted to announce the launch of the ‘Diversity Initiative’.

The objective is to strengthen and reinforce our value to be a radically diverse and global community

The objective of the initiative is to strengthen and reinforce our value so it remains a high priority by actively pursuing increased diversity.

So, how are we going to achieve this?

In the first instance, we are appointing Doug Logan, who until recently served as an Acts 29 Board member. Doug is passionate about this issue and as a respected and experienced leader, he is well placed to ensure we increasingly realise our ambition and faithfully live out our identity.

Here is how Doug sets out his approach:

1 – Connections

Strengthening existing relationships by engaging pastors and leaders who are casually connected to Acts 29 and seek to cultivate future planters, pastors, and church leaders in the urban context.  

2 – Content

The aim is to produce innovative, relevant, practical and helpful resources in the form of podcasts, blogs, pamphlets and books, all of which will be aggregated in a single place. These resources will provide a contact point to answer questions, address fears and clarify misunderstandings for those exploring Acts 29. I want to create an environment which is inviting to qualified leaders and potential church planters so they can wisely invest in coaching and develop deep relationships with a diverse range of church leaders.

3 – Coaching

Focused coaching and mentoring will aid in strengthening young, existing churches, led by non-whites many of who are isolated. We praise God that healthy, authentic, cross-racial relationships are developing in Acts 29, but there is still work to be done to foster these existing relationships and create new ones. As Director of this initiative, I will work hard to cultivate these connections within the family.

4 – Cohort

This will consist of the men who have worked on the content and progressed through the coaching and are ready to move forward with planting and assessment. The 18 month cohort builds on all of this and consists of:

  • Face-to-face meetings in various cities
  • Curriculum from our blog, podcast and resources developed within the Church in Hard Places initiative
  • Helpful resources from select theologians and urban leaders
  • Seminary opportunities through Acts 29 Academies, Capital and RTS
  • Regular coaching calls
  • Submission of projects and papers

As Acts 29, we are all about facilitating and catalysing the planting of churches, which is why we have to be about diversity. The church is that which puts the wisdom and glory of God on display. Christ died to redeem men and women from every nation, tribe, people and language. Of course, in order to faithfully reflect its context, a particular church in a specific location may be largely mono-cultural. But as a global family of churches, we cannot be anything but diverse, textured and multi-coloured so that we might be a prism of God’s glory.

Steve Timmis
Acts 29 CEO

If you want to find out more, get involved or support the work, please use the contact button on the Diversity Initiative page:

Diversity Initiative Page

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Written by: Acts 29 on January 31, 2018