Town Hall FAQ [November 2021]


When is Covenant Renewal due?

Covenant Renewal 2022 will be sent out on November 8. All Covenant Renewal forms must be submitted by December 10.

What am I agreeing to when I sign my Covenant Renewal?

  • Your church elders and leadership affirm the Acts 29 theological distinctives and values, and adherence to the Lausanne Covenant
  • You commit 10% of your church budget to go toward church planting. 2-3% of that goes to Acts 29.
  • You are ready to dive in with Acts 29 to help plant more churches around the world! 

Where will we invest your Catalyst pledges in 2022?

Between the income that comes from our Acts 29 churches giving generously to the Catalyst fund and other financial partners, we are able to fund the following exciting Kingdom initiatives:

  • $3.5M US church planting:  
    • $250k to catalyze local areas
    • $450k Cohorts
    • $900k Staff (Regional Directors, Wives Support, Pastoral Care, Assessments)
    • $750k direct church plant funding
  • $2.2M Operations:
    • Videos, staff, retirement fund, fundraising, Acts 29 database
  • $2M Global Ministries:
    • 6 global networks & their teams, global assessments, academy in Colombia, Europe
  • $1.4M Unreached, Urban, & Minority:
    • Church in Hard Places, US Urban & Espanõl church planting, internships


How do I learn more about Acts 29's Retirement Plan?

We’ve created a separate page full of information regarding our retirement plan. View that at


What do I need to know about the new church plant funding plan for 2022?

Beginning in 2022, we will provide every newly assessed church plant start-up funding of $25,000 once they are welcomed into full membership with Acts 29. These churches will also be eligible for one other future grant. We are looking to raise an additional $750,000 to help us fund up to 30 plants with start-up funds in 2022, and praying that we will see even more churches than this planted!

I want to give over and above my catalyst fund to do more to directly fund new US church plants. How do I do this?

In completing your Covenant Renewal, there is a place where you can indicate that you would like to participate in this opportunity. You will be able to commit a pledged amount for this specific fund to be given in 2022, and our Director of Finance will then follow up with you to get you set up to give.

Who is eligible for church plant funding?

Any assessed new church plant who then completes their conditions for membership and joins Acts 29 beginning in 2022. After the planter (and wife) are assessed at an assessment conference, the funding becomes available to the church once they complete their conditions for membership and are welcomed into full membership with Acts 29. 

How does a new planter apply for funding?

After a church planter (and wife) attends an assessment conference, they enter into the candidacy phase while they complete any conditions for membership. Once they are welcomed into full membership, a staff member from Acts 29 will reach out to provide the application for funding.

Can I give to a specific church planter?

This is something we hope to offer in the future as a way to help churches allocate their 10% commitment to church planting. But we are not set up for this at this time.


What are some important dates to keep in mind for 2022?

  • Church Planting Sunday – April 24, 2022
  • Europe Conference – May 17–19, 2022. Location: Costa Blanca, Spain. This is functioning as the Global Gathering for 2022 and there are 300 spots reserved for US attendees. More information will be available by the end of the year on our events page.
  • US Conference – October 3–5, 2022. Location: TBD