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Psalm 42:1-11

Why So Downcast Within Me?

Ah why indeed.

So many reasons. Weariness from ministry online. Enemies opposing the work of God. ‘Friendly fire’ from within. Bereavement. Scandal after scandal in our little microcosm, shaking our faith in our way of being and doing. Maybe even shaking our faith in God. Or just the relentlessness of life in the world. Or age creeping up on us. Sickness. Mental health issues. Family pressures.

Why is my soul downcast within me? Why would it not be downcast, that’s the real question.

If you are downcast, I think you can be sure that many are likewise.


I will put my hope in God and once again I will praise him, my saviour and my God.

Ultimately, this is what we come back to. Hope. Strong hope because it is in a strong, faithful, compassionate, understanding God. Henri Blocher once said that ‘hopers’ would be an even more apt description of Christians than ‘believers.’ Hope in God, through the tears and through the pain. He is, and has been, and will be your Saviour. He is, and has been, and will be you God. And because of that, he will cause you once again to praise him, and one day that will be forever.

Your fellow traveller

Philip Moore

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Philip Moore
Written by: Philip Moore on junio 23, 2021

Philip Moore is married to Rachel and they have 5 children. In 2006 Phillip moved to France to pastor a church in the Paris area. Since then, by God’s grace, the church has planted 3 daughter churches and trained and sent a couple to plant a church in the centre of Paris. He is now the Acts 29 Network Director for Europe as well as the Associate Director for Acts 29 Global.