Plant Churches That Plant Churches

Over the next couple of weeks I want to publicly state what my hopes are for the Acts 29 Network. My hopes aren’t complex and seem to me to be no-brainers, even though it might take years before some of them are a reality. I will be and am currently putting my efforts and influence to work in these directions. Today and for the first one I’ll state the obvious:

I want us to plant churches that plant churches.

There are endless good and biblical things that we could set our energies and zeal on but that’s not why A29 was created. My hope is not that we would simply plant churches but that we would plant churches that plant churches that plant churches. That from the very beginning of an Acts 29 plant, the pastor and the people would have a vision and plan for planting another church. The DNA of all A29 churches should be a deep and driving desire to see gospel saturated, biblically faithful, missionally engaged churches planted everywhere possible in all types of locations.

We are a network of churches that are theologically aligned and philosophically diverse. I pray that the Spirit would keep us all deeply dedicated to the word of God and walking in a glad submission to the Spirit, but A29 must not become a theological club where churches and plants get involved because of theological alignment without the desire to plant other like-minded churches. There are places for that, but we are a church planting network. May the Spirit draw men who share this passion and shine his face on us as we seek to see millions of people who are far from him reconciled to him through Jesus.

Christ is All,


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Matt Chandler By Matt Chandler May 8, 2012